Probate Law

Our services include helping our diverse clients in issues such as: avoiding probate, estate and probate administration, and trust and will litigation. At The Law Offices of Kenneth Wake our legal team is qualified to help you with all your probate needs. Whether you want to contest a will or trust or you need legal help to oversee a trust or estate, we have the skill and passion to help you.

Things You Should Know About Probate

How long the probate process can take: The average duration for the probate of a small estate could be handled in just one day in court. However, for larger more complicated estates the process could take months or even years to conclude.

What the role of the executor is in a probate case: The executor is whoever the decedent appointed to handle their estate. Their sole responsibility is to assemble all the property and pay off any remaining taxes or debts. They are then to distribute the remaining assets and property to the appointed heirs and beneficiaries.

What the term “domicile” means: This term refers to the place or country that the individual intended to make their permanent home. This does not always refer to the place of residence where the person was living at the time of their death.

Who is responsible to plan the details of the funeral: Typically the funeral planning is left up to the immediate family or relatives of the deceased. The executor or estate administrator then deals with the funeral expenses and estate records according to the directions within the decedent’s will. If the individual did not leave behind a will, then the probate process will be handled according to the laws of the State.

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